Johnny Herring is currently making music and performing in the Salado/Belton, Texas area.  As you read this he’s creating some of the most tire-kicking, Country, Christian music around.  His guitar picking has been known to make cows tip over… while they’re awake!

Ok, enough of that…

Johnny’s playing style is reminiscent of the legend Chet Atkins and great players like Mark Knopfler [here’s an example].  Sometimes you could swear there are two guitars playing at once, but all that sound is coming out of one guitar!

More than just music, his songs are uplifting and written from a perspective that’s been built through years of “Faith Walk’n“.

His latest album, “He Took Me As I Was”, features 13 original songs including two instrumental guitar picking tunes guaranteed to put smiles on guitar pickers around the world.

Johnny Herring CD Cover and Back 2013 3

The opener “We Need The Rain” smolders with methodical drums and bluesy guitar licks until you’re ready for the heavens to open up and pour down.  “Jesus Dug A Well” starts with a stripped down low key guitar and builds into a full out swing before you know it.  This leads perfectly into “Let God Work It” which is a rockin country tune with drums played deep in the pocket by Johnny’s son, Mark Herring.   It has a great hook and dirty guitar tones that will keep you coming back for more.

“Letters From Home” is a heart felt shout-out to our great military personnel serving overseas.  It was written by Johnny’s daughter Sharon Herring-West and is a first-person look at what it must be like to be away from home serving our country.  This song is destined to be featured by non-profits benefiting our veterans and current military personnel.

The title track “He Took Me As I Was” is a ballad that gives us a glimpse of the humbling experience one has when realizing there’s no need to clean up before turning around.  Baggage, loneliness, pain, regret… none of will prevent God from reaching out.

Other notable songs include the quick shuffle “One Step” and the infectious guitar licks of “Turning 30“, a fast-paced country-rocker about a couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.   Rumor has it that “Turning 30” is an autobiographical non-fiction and that even the “grey kitten” is real!

This is Johnny’s 3rd release and one you definitely need it in your collection. It was recorded and produced in Salado, Texas, with additional recording and production in Austin, Texas by Johnny and Mark Herring.  Additional recording, mixing and mastering was done by Chris Beall in Austin, TX.

The final track, “Headed Home” appropriately closes out the album in an optimistic look to the future.  Well, that’s all for now.  Pack up the drums, sweep off the stage and turn out the lights, cause we’re “Headed Home“.